Foraging Ground

Online places which shape my reading, in no real order:

Opus Publicum – The personal weblog of Gabriel Sanchez, waging lettered war against liberalism and defending authentic Eastern Catholicism, with random forays into the world of professional wrestling.

Sancrucensis – The personal weblog of Pater Edmund Waldstein, letting the grace of his vocation teach us heathens something of authentic integralism along with poignant reflections on literary high culture.

The Josias – A collection of essays, resources, and translations on Catholic integralism. It may be from here that the counter revolution finally begins.

The Paraphasic – The personal weblog of Elliot Milco, Deputy Editor of First Things, bravely embracing integralist thought in the Conservatively liberal world.

Ross Douthat – NY Times columnist who, while caught in the throes of liberal modernity, sees its cracks and wonders about it’s future. He also blogs on similar matters and pop-culture every now and then.

Michael Brendan Dougherty – Columnist for The Week on things political, cultural and Catholic.

TOF Spot – The personal weblog of novelist and short fiction writer Michael Flynn, offering, between insights into his life, mostly sane commentary on our modern PC insanity and entertaining philosophical essays.

Edward Feser – When one is in a patient mood and prepared for the sober ecstasy of well argued Neo-Thomism.