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Liberty and the common life

Originally posted on Just Thomism:
One of the dominant Enlightenment notions of liberty is whatever the law leaves undetermined, which is why Hobbes takes it as axiomatic that the greatest liberty of the citizen is the silence of the law.  This…

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David Foster Wallace’s 1996 Interview in Elle

Originally posted on Sancrucensis:
There is a quotation from an interview with David Foster Wallace reproduced on hundreds of webpages across the internet. There are several variants of the quotation, but it runs something like this: …fiction’s one of the…

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The year of Paul VI

Originally posted on Semiduplex:
Here is a prediction for 2018: it will be the year of Paul VI. In addition to canonization talk, there are two important anniversaries connected with Paul’s papacy. On July 25, the feast of St. James,…

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