On “Mastership” in St. Thomas

So, for those of you who weren’t aware of the full depth my anti-liberal, radical traditional (in?)sanity, I’m a monarchist. Man will again be truly free only after the last president is strangled with the entrails of the last revolutionary – well, maybe not strangled, but I may be okay with burning at the stake after hung.

It’s music to my hears to hear the lucidity of Thomas expounding this truth flowing from Aristotle through the Middle Ages up to the glories of the recent Papal Magisterium (good luck finding a non-rupturist denial of monarchy in Vatican II, Paul VI, John Paul II, or Benedict XVI – I continue my silence on the current, rightfully-elected, and blessed-by-God holder of the Petrine See).

See PJ Smith on the latest expounding of this beautiful font of truth: An addition to Felix de St. Vincent. And if you ever are in a mood for glorious political philosophy and theology check out the Josias, where all the cool integralist kids hang out. Seriously, put away that Alt-Right crap, stop with the red pill. Tradition. That’s where the edgy awesome is.


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