So, the Thor trailer…

So, this came out today:

I’m not a huge Thor buff, but I like the idea of the character. A joyous Viking god going around protecting us from cosmic evil? Yes please.

The first two Thor movies have been the weakest of the MCU films. The first was fun, but both felt more like “here’s another guy we’re setting up for Avengers” than actually about the character. The only real character development we get from Thor is his struggle of being an Asgardian in love with a human (Natalie Portman’s Jane Porter) – a flaw to my eye when he has Jaime Alexander’s Sif giving him the googly eyes, but whatever.

Of greatest concern to me with the new movie is it’s tonal shift. We’ve known for a while that Thor: Ragnarok was going to move to a more cosmic direction, trying to tie in the Guardians of the Galaxy to the rest of the earth-centric franchise. But what Thor didn’t need to do was take over that movie’s more happy-go-lucky atmosphere (no matter what fan reactions to that trailer have been).

Admittedly, one could look back at the old Thor comics from the Jack Kirby days and say they are more out there, but this doesn’t mean looking at them through the lens of a drug-addled 60s hipster. Kirby and Stan Lee were striving to bring the weirdness of pulp stories to the comic book page with a small, brightly colored comic palette.

Now, admittedly, this could be a matter of trailer editing. If you take a lot of the images and scenes and put it to more sober music, this could work. But I’m not holding my breath, especially with the choice of lettering, Thor’s new hairdo, and the comedy bits in that gladiator fight.

At it looks like they have finally gotten rid of Natalie Portman – though apparently also Jaime Alexander! Which, to be fair, I understand. Both have been treated terribly in their prior movies.

Well, we won’t know how it works out until November. At least we have Spider-Man: Homecoming and Guardians of the Galaxy 2 coming up.


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