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Westeros, Art, Morality, Danger

Another old essay. Just trying to put up some things to get a sense of my own interests and where I might be going. A friend of mine recently commented on A Game of Thrones, the HBO television show based … Continue reading

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On Genre, Escapism, and Modern Problems

Another old essay. This one’s actually rather important, if not terribly good. Simon Pegg was recently quoted discussing genre fiction and the infantilization of society (radiotimes). He gave a more nuanced discussion on his own blog which I think is … Continue reading

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Some Thematic Reflections on Mad Max: Fury Road

Another older essay, written a bit after the movies opening. Themes of Max Max: Fury Road (Spoilers) I greatly enjoyed Mad Max: Fury Road. I had expected an experience that was much more colored by sadistic imagery, and though it … Continue reading

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